Tourette Syndrome Treatment

Isn’t it something strange when you experience involuntary tics and movements? Tourette Syndrome can be embarrassing and limiting. It is a complex neurological disorder that can cause physical, vocal, and verbal tics. But don’t worry – there are many treatments available!

Tourette Syndrome in Adults

Do not even think of shying away from seeking help. Adults with Tourette Syndrome can often benefit from the same treatments as children, including a combination of medications and therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT can be especially beneficial to adults by helping them develop coping skills to manage their tics better and improve their quality of life. 

At Faith Behavioral Health, our team of highly trained professionals and professional psychiatrists are dedicated to helping adults with Tourette Syndrome manage their symptoms and live happy and fulfilling lives.

Tourette Syndrome in Children

It can be especially difficult for children living with Tourette Syndrome. They often face social stigma or bullying due to the visible tics they experience. It’s important for parents to recognize the signs of Tourette Syndrome, such as sudden movements or jerking and vocal outbursts.

Our child psychiatrists provide specialized care for children with Tourette Syndrome. We use a combination of medication and therapies to help them manage their symptoms and live healthy, successful lives. We also work with parents to create an environment that is supportive and understanding. 

Another important part of managing Tourette Syndrome is education. We provide comprehensive education on the disorder and help children understand their condition. This can go a long way to helping them cope with their tics, both socially and emotionally. 

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Tourette Syndrome in Kids

What is even more heartbreaking than seeing a child with Tourette Syndrome? At Faith Behavioral Health, we understand that it can be difficult for children and their families to accept the diagnosis. We are dedicated to providing them with the care they need and deserve. 

We offer both evaluations and treatment of the disorder in kids. Our psychiatrists work hand-in-hand with parents to create the best treatment plan for their children. We also provide education on Tourette Syndrome, helping children understand and manage their condition. 

In fact, Tourette syndrome in kids is usually manageable with medication and behavioral therapies. The symptoms can vary from person to person, it is important for parents and children to work together with their doctor or behavioral therapist in order to develop an effective treatment plan.

It is also important for parents of children with Tourette syndrome to remember that the condition does not define their child. While there are certain restrictions due to the disorder, there are also countless opportunities to learn, grow and achieve. With the help of a caring team of professionals, children with Tourette syndrome can live full and meaningful life.


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